My first artist podcast! In this episode, I talk to Ojan Rezaei about art, Concept vs Fine art, Social justice warriors, nepotism, motivation, and a few crazy stories. We really do talk about a whole range of things, just look at the timestamps below. Also, be sure to follow our social media links below the timestamps:). The painting I started and finished that day on my twitch stream, though I really didn’t do much painting in the artist podcast XD.

Timestamps to this artist podcast

0:00 Intro

00:19 Username and branding mistakes

02:02 Twitch and Technology

3:54 Influencer shoutouts and grown a platform

5:56 Ojan’s Art Goals

11:50 Contemporary Art

14:00 Locky’s Art Goal

15:53 Jack of all trades and Jama Jurabaev

16:55 Virtual Reality

17:59 Elon Musk

19:58 The effects of money, the time I was temporarily wealthy and bought a house, plus people trying to take your money.

28:20 Being good at art vs being good at selling yourself

32:44 How I screwed myself out of an art job

34:38 Concept Freelancing

39:17 Advice to the young

40:41 Self-help and Business gurus eg Garry V

43:34 Getting unwanted feedback

47:56 Artist intentions, doing quick studies, not always posting highly rendered work

50:23 Art Schools

1:03:02 Motivation for art and life

1:10:09 Beginning artists and the Dunning Kruger effect

1:16:54 The Artist Kim Jung Gi

1:22:16 Ojan had a weird art teacher

1:23:36 Nepotism and favoritism

1:29:18 Harry Potter

1:32:17 SJW’s Social justice wimps XD

1:33:26 I get raided by another streamer

1:35:49 Back to SJW’s

1:38:53 Question from a viewer. How has covid influence your view of things and art?

1:40:42 Talking about the pandemic and the effects on us all.

1:43:38 The amazing technology that made this podcast possible

1:45:32 Drawing and painting nude models in Iran

1:48:05 (funny) Anyone can draw and Ojan’s HARDCORE analogy

1:50:55 The game assassins creed

1:52:27 Question from a viewer, Does location influence and affect artists.

1:55:58 The game assassins creed (again.)

1:57:35 What games do we play?

2:01:30 The history of Persian assassins and the prince of Persia movie

2:06:07 Question from chat, Do you think being an artist is too risky

2:11:10 BAD CGI in movies.

2:21:13 The reality of streaming in multiple languages and the English language.

2:23:20 Saying farewell

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Ojan’s social media

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Yes, I’m aware I did very little painting and a lot of talking in the video XD. I started the painting that day on a 6-hour stream, then when the interview happened I streamed for another 3 hours and didn’t have enough in the tank to talk and paint to a high degree. I hope you liked the chat in this artist podcast though XD


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