The most credible case of UFO sightings, possibly ever. A pilot by the name of David Fravor found himself chasing a UFO while on a routine flight, all the while documenting the experience. They have footage and data of the UFO, in the form of cameras, heat vision and sensors. Different branches of the government have even verified/acknowledged the footage. No Idea if it’s truly BS or not, still pretty interesting though. A pilot with documented footage is definitely a lot more credible than a dude in a bar saying I saw a UFO once
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. The first video is some of the footage, the second video is a clip from a longer interview with Lex Fridman, the third video is the whole interview the clip is from, and the fourth is a long interview with Joe Rogan. I think the third video with Lex Fridman is probably the best of the 3 to watch, it’s long but does a great job telling his story. If you watch all the videos it’s clear to see David Fravor is a smart and credible man, so much so I find myself asking, is this the proof people have been waiting for?

The Footage

The Clip From the Lex Fridman Podcast

The Whole Interview With Lex Fridman

The Interview From The Joe Rogan Podcast

Leave a comment below as to what’s your theory, real or fake? Convincing or not? For me it’s one of the most credible ufo sightings ever.

You can find more of Lex Fridman’s videos here

And more of Joe Rogan’s videos here and on Spotify


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