Portishead Live At Roseland New York City 1998

This is by far Portishead’s best live performance, or at least out of the ones that have been recorded. In Portishead Live At Roseland the band is backed by an orchestra, the sound quality is great, and each member plays amazingly. It also creates a real mood, that mood may be depressing at times lol, but it depends on your taste. I really like them and this amazing performance.

The tracks contained in the videos above and below are as follows.

  1. “Humming”
  2. “Cowboys” (Barrow, Gibbons)
  3. “All Mine”
  4. “Half Day Closing”
  5. “Over”
  6. “Only You”
  7. “Seven Months”
  8. “Numb”
  9. “Undenied” (Barrow, Gibbons)
  10. “Mysterons”
  11. “Sour Times”
  12. “Elysium”
  13. “Glory Box”
  14. “Roads”
  15. “Strangers”
  16. “Western Eyes”

Below Is another Portishead Live At Roseland video, just in case the first is having issues. The second video also happens to be longer, so it has more content. Enjoy 🙂

Here Is the Bands Website to buy albums and merch

For another great live performance check out Black Sabbath Live in Paris 1970

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