Marco Bucci Art Fundamentals Video Tutorial

I saw this tutorial ages ago, back when I was teaching myself painting and art Fundamentals. Now all these years later I thought I would include it among the other tutorials. It does a great job of laying out art fundamentals for all artists. Pay attention to his use of colour temperature, value, and edges, which really help tie the painting together pretty well.

And most importantly of all, don’t stress if you feel you’re not currently capable of the things you see in this video or on my website. Everything takes time, especially if you’re trying to teach yourself new things. But at the end of the day, if there is one thing I should say… How quickly you learn depends on the level of focus you maintain, and your setting of goals beyond what currently deem as possible. If you painted everyday for 6 hours, over the course of a year you could equal someone with 8 years experience.

That being said any work towards something is better than no work. If you’re scared of  having to work that hard to get better, get it out of your head. With less time spent it will take you longer, but you will still get there😉. As with life art isn’t about trying, it’s about continuing to try. That’s how greatness is made, whether it be on canvas or in the heart of the person you’ve become.

Soon I’ll be making an Art fundamentals video myself, but even then I’ll leave this up. It’s good to have more than one prespective, plus I like the video…

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