Leonardo DiCaprio Speed Painting Tutorial and walk through

Leonardo DiCaprio Speed Painting Tutorial

Hey everyone, here is the very textural Leonardo DiCaprio Speed Painting Tutorial and walk through. I did it a few years ago. I think it’s from the movie titanic, the movie where his death could have been prevented by just swimming around for 10 minutes looking for something else that floats. Instead choosing to die rather than look through the shit load of debris that suround him. But all in all a great movie. Terminator two, even better!

In the video I start out with a sketch then slowly build up the form. The whole time sculpting, knowing where the light is and that a lighter value will make something protrude, where a darker value will make things recede. The same with colour, warmth will bring things forward coolness will make things stand back. It’s about being aware, having faith in yourself, and knowing you will eventually reach your final image if you keep going. And that’s generally the hard part, going through all the years of bad art to finally get to the art you envisioned. A finishing line which is forever moving.

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I’ll try looking for the original video on my hard drive so I can make a longer tutorial version where I’m not just rambling…XD. But even so, if you look at the video develop you will find all the information you need about how I did it. For more quality Videos check out the rest of the site or head over to my YouTube.

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Also tell me what you wanna see next and I may upload or find a quality video on your topic. Have a good day:)

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