How to Create your Book Outline – part 1

How to Create your Book Outline – part 2

One long night a few months back I was on a serious YouTube binge. I Mean I must have gone through 2o different categories ranging from those amazingly weird questions only google gets asked. To A woman who could sing two notes simultaneously that at times harmonized in the most beautiful way. Then I somehow went to a video of the top 10 most brutal medieval torture methods. I blame youtube for that one… One moment you’re watching innocent Kitten videos that could melt the coldest of hearts. The next video you’re hearing the recount of rats eating through someone’s stomachs to escape the red hot container above it.

Haha so after moving briskly through my third Epic fail compilation, I was delighted when I came across something of substance. It was a video compilation of famous authors talking about their craft. They talked about what writing meant to them, how they’ve seen the art of writing change,¬†and the technical aspect. I found myself watching intently, my desire to write growing with every video that followed.

I always loved the idea that there could be a perfect arrangement of words. Sentences that could move anybody no matter how tall or firm they stand in their beliefs. Yet I never thought of myself as a writer. Growing up my education was terrible, and as a result so was my ability to write without numerous spelling errorsXD. Then at around 13 I met a girl who amazed me. We started writing to one another everyday. Short stories, poems, quotes, it didn’t really matter I just loved talking to her about things below the surface. My feelings for her turned into a love of writing then…. but that’s another story, and I’m kinda getting off track here.

Then through the haze of viral videos and pop up ads I was happy once again to find something of substance. I don’t remember which video I watched first, but It didn’t take long to see the value in what Jenna posts. She delivers great information with humour and warmth, and does so regularly unlike most youtubers (including myself XD.) Hey uploading regularly is hard…

Over the next few months I watched well over 200 hours worth of youtube videos about writers, their process, biographys and lessons. Yet out of all those videos I have to say Jenna won out as having best content for aspiring writers. If you’ve got writing questions Jenna has you covered, or eventually will with her ever-exspanding library of helpful videos.

So with all that being said I thought I would share Jenna’s videos on outlining, a very important stage in the writing process. It’s not like painting where you can take a blank piece of canvas and without reference or thought create something living. Or maybe you just need to be reeeeeealy good at writing for that to happen, haha I wouldn’t know. However one thing is for sure, if you’re going to write a 300 page book, it is probably a good idea to start with some sort of structure.

So without further ado here are 2 videos about outlining your novel done by Jenna Moreci.

If you wanna see more great videos on writing head over to Jenna Moreci’s Youtube

And Click here if you want to watch a documentary by legendary painter Scott Burdick


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