How to Draw Realistic Eyes in Charcoal

In this video I’ll go over how to draw realistic eyes in charcoal without reference. I’ll also give you a few tools/ways of thinking to better help you draw realistically without reference. I don’t have much more to say beyond what the video covers, at least for this episode… So I though I would copy and paste some text I had previously written on the last eye post. Not to double up in the information, but more so because I believe it’s true

Another Way To Think About Drawing

Beyond everything I’ll tell you in this video, the best way to get better is practice. Think of learning painting as you would approach learning guitar. It doesn’t matter who you are, the first time you learn an instrument like guitar, nothing will sound right.

We all know how to draw and play guitar, we have all seen enough people do it. With guitar you put your finger on a fret and strum, In drawing you move a pencil mindfully across paper. Both acts are extremely simple, but what comes next? What note do you play after? In what direction do you move your pencil. This is truly what you’re learning… What do I need to do next, to achieve what it is I want.


You could learn how to play a couple of songs in only a few weeks if you wanted. The same way you could also teach yourself to create semi-realistic paintings in only a few weeks. Now if you can achieve those two feats in weeks, imagine years. Continual progress through thought and practice, this is how you master your art.

Now Imaging what you would be like if you started drawing right now and didn’t stop. If you put everything you had into this for 10 years, how do you think you would be? pretty damn good I wager… The biggest factor that determines an amateur in comparison to a pro, is applied time. You only have a limited supply of time on this world, and to be an artist means setting aside some of that time to create. Time can be spent many ways, yet it can never be refunded. So what I guess I am saying, is if you want to be a great artist, know the costs, and only continue if you can spend all that time making without regrets.

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