In this video I’ll be giving you a few tips On Drawing a Face in profile without reference. Things like default measurements, ways of thinking, and my general process. It may be a short video but in it I cover a fair bit. Just keep in mind, I could spend 100 hours trying to teach you methods, telling you everything I know, but that alone won’t work. You won’t learn a thing till you bust out that sketch book and actively try to get better.

In fact you would actually learn more by actively trying with yourself, than you would with me teaching you. Learning from mistakes is always the best way to learn (in art at least.) Just remember, As with anything in this physical existence of ours, things take time to be created. This includes your knowledge base, artistic ability and personal style. But you will get there, even if there is a continually moving line. Just remember where that line used to be before it moved, and be amazed at where you’re now. You will see improvement.

I actually did this Tutorial a few years back, so it’s probably due for an update.. Probably… However It is still a pretty good demonstration on how to go about drawing a face in profile. So I’m gonna leave it up. As you never know who you may end up helping, or who’s question you could answer:).

Drawing a face in profile update.

The update to this would be an easier to follow video, that has more infomation and tons of examples. The face was drawn quickly, first try, in real time, so I couldn’t fit too much information in. So to make up for it, the new tutorials are gonna be in depth and take quite some time to make. So as soon as I fill this website up with more already made content, new in depth videos will follow.

The new lessons will cover everything you could ever wanna know about art. And the things I don’t know, I’ll get others more knowledgable to teach. So yeah, expect more anatomy related drawing tutorials to follow Plus more. But in the mean time tell me what you’re struggling with and I’ll try and help. I’ll either make something and upload it, or find a video that helps:)

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