Blues Traveler Live Show

This Is a gig I have loved for ages now. The singer can not only sing really well but he also slays it on harmonica. Though Im still not sure how wearing a samurai sword on stage helps, haha but why not! And the talent does not stop there, you can tell everyone playing has a really great understanding of their instruments. Each musician getting their own solo in the show, while also knowing when to serve the music and not themselves. I think that’s what makes great music, not trying to make yourself shine, but instead focusing on the overall sound. They also brought up 4 special guests that all held their own and helped add to the sound.

All in all, it’s just a really great gig, enjoy.^

Blues Traveler Touring Dates and website

For tour dates, merch and to contact them or their agents, go to Their Website, Twitter or Facebook

I had trouble placing some of the names and didn’t want to spell them wrong. So if there are any true blues fans who also knows the special guests, message me and I’ll add all the names in order of appearance :).


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