Zombielocky AKA Locky. Art has always been in my life to some degree. From growing up using crayons on the walls of my home (without permission) to scholarships, YouTube videos and exhibitions. But I’d say 10 years ago was when I truly decided to take it further. It was around that time I started art school, it wasn’t easy…. I went from being a drop out with little schooling to having to write 2,500 word essays, all while looking after my disabled mum when I got home.

Zombielocky a digital self portrait speed painting

Zombielocky self portrait

Through perseverance I earned a certificate 4 in visual art, then went on to do the bachelor of visual art and applied design. I was getting high distinctions and praise from some of my teachers, but still art school stoped feeling right for me, so I dropped out. It felt like a lot of the teachers were there just for a pay check. like I had a better capacity for teaching, and that I wasn’t really learning anything from them I didn’t already teach myself. I remember my first photography class, I corrected the teacher three times on photography rules she thought were accurate. She ended up passing me for the whole class modual and said I could go home XD. Called an RPL (recognition of prior learning) I no longer had to show up.

My photography

I also had one Painting teacher who couldn’t actually paint, like she must have been giving out handjobs or hacking school computers to get her degree in the first place, because she sucked. All of her work was still life’s of dolls that looked like a first year painted them, like she tried for a likeness she couldn’t achieve, yet she was the teacher. I remember one student was even brought to tears by the situation… literally to tears. Yet all that being said not all the teachers I had were bad, some were really helpful in letting me self teach and grow while giving me their perspective. Like Yasmin Grass, pei wu, christen Lok, and Katrina simmons. Then some were just really nice people I’m glad I met.

A Quick Textual Digital Speed Painting I Did

Since leaving art school 4-5 years ago I have done tutorials, exhibitions, teaching and have now been a full time carer (paid by the government) for 5 years. In that time, across all those years, I have spent many hours educating myself on all the things I could ever be interested in. Because quite frankly I would have gone insane if I didn’t have something to do. As being a carer can sometimes feel like you’re standing still in life when you should be moving forward. Yet to move forward would be to leave someone behind. A lot of varying emotions grow because of the situation. But at the end of the day I loved that old bat, she was my mum and pretty much the only family I had, So I was there. Trying to focus on the one up side, ample time for art… if I used it wisely.

An Oil Painting I started and completed 3 days before exhibition hand up.

It’s kinda been like Bill and Ted two where they go back in time to get really good at their music. Except my education has been watching documentaries, YouTube videos, and tutorials for 5 hours a day and painting my ass off the whole time… Also playing Video games and listening to music (many of those things simultaneously XD.)

Because of this practice, art school, and my general antisocialnessXD, I’ve taught myself many things. Like Digital painting, Oil painting, acrylic painting, watercolours, drawing and life drawing, air brushing, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, Jewelry making, in depth photography, photoshop, light room, aperapture, bass, drums, guitar, singing, audio recording and mixing, Logic, short story writing, poems, essays, website design, tattooing.I know it seems like an unrealistic amount… But good Distractions can be very valuable at times. Especially when your job is to help someone live, and to stop them from ending themselves.

A Drawing Master copy I did infront of the Painting. At the art gallery of South Australia.

Plus I didn’t say that I’m amazing at all of those mediums. Haha I’d say of all the things I listed three of those I’m amazing at. Six of those things I’m really good at, nine I’m alright at, five of them I’m passable to not great at, and six I just plain suck at. But none the less, all of them interest me to varying degrees. I see each medium as just another way to convey emotion and ideas to the viewer. Then If I’ve done my job right, the viewer will connect with the art and take something away from it, even if only a feeling.

Street Photography of a Singer

Now I face an uncertain future. I have spent the last 8 plus years looking after my mum, where a person in a more normal situation would have spent the last 8 years looking after themselves. Planing for their life ahead. Now she has passed away I have lost not only my mum, one of the last people I call family, but also my job, all in one blow. It kinda made me realize I need to start trying more and planing ahead.

A one hour Drawing from a Nude Model

A one hour Drawing from a Nude Model

I took stock of everything, I could make an album and play every instrument but how am I going to survive off that. Perhaps write an intense and writerly novel, but how would I survive on that. Maybe do an exhibition featuring 7 foot oil paintings, but how do I live off that. It felt like everything I’ve been teaching myself is only possible if I do something amazing then get a big lucky break that attracts an audience. Like I could spend 2000 hours on an exhibition and then still get nothing. Where the person out there doing a random job that takes a shit load less skill and talent could work 2000 hours and get paid reliably with benefits. Who ever says art is easy, try making a living off it…

You work twice the hours for no pay, doing something you’re way to attached to, it drives you crazy.

zombielocky A Drawing I did at Burger King, I felt a bit shadyXD.

A Drawing I did at Burger King, zombielocky felt a bit shadyXD.

Then I remembered MoreToArt, my once grand Idea. Moretoart used to be a youtube/Website for art tutorials of all kind. My youtube Videos eventually reaching over 500,000 views. Things got hard at home so I stopped posting, then my website got out of date and I lost it. I just gave up. That was until a month ago when I realised I can do Moretoart again, only this time with a better understanding, more drive and more topics. And under the banner of zombielocky. I wanna take all those things I taught myself, and help others on a similar path. To expose people to knew ways of thinking and show some of the things that influenced me. And inturn I hope one day the site can help me back. That helping others in this was could be my job.

A Digital Painting I did of the Beautiful Emilia Clarke From Game of Thrones


That’s the dream. But Ideally I wanna do amazing exhibitions, immense albums and incredible novels. Then if all of that blind wishing comes true, I wanna direct movies. The website, small achievable dream. Directing = all the stars in the sky, but crazier things have happened. Haha plus there’re a lot of talentless directors out there I’m positive I can do better than.


Thats the light info verson of The Artist Zombielocky and how all of this came about. If you have any questions let me know. If you wanna help me or the site out, my pay pal is in the sidebar (Donate button.) Or simply help out by telling others about the awesome content so I’m not Posting to an empty roomXD. Either way though, I hope you get something out of the site and have a good life. More content to follow 🙂.

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.. if I use it wisely.