A truly amazing video showing Ancient Ruins and temples that seem impossible to build, yet are still standing today. This video goes beyond the great pyramids of Giza or the easter island heads, and could be a road map to all the places you should visit before you die. However it also raises questions, like how did they move a 1,200 ton rock thousands of years ago. What is truly the earliest example of civilization, and how did they have such knowledge of construction back thousands of years ago. Some Ancient ruins even being so perfect as to be aligned with certain constellations. I was blown away by these immense places, so much so I have watched it twice over. If you want to be inspired by grand temples you never knew even existed, this is the video for you!

It’s a long video so I listed my favorites Ancient Ruins and the time they appear. Haha it meant having to re-watch the whole thing a third time and google the accurate spelling off my gibberish guesses. I mean come on, how was I supposed to know saxay human was actually spelled Sacsayhuamán. look at some of these names! Still all beautiful places you should be aware of!

Ancient Ruins

13:18 – Kailasa temple
18:18 – Baalbek
22:04 – The Temple of Jupiter
31:20 – Nan Madol
38:08 – Globeki Tepe
46:36 – Sacsayhuamán
51:07 – Nubian pyramids
54:27 – Calakmul
1:18:40 – Pisac Ruins
1:28:48 – Tioti Wakan
1:37:44 – Mohenjo daro mound of the dead
1:44:32 – The great pyramids of giza
1:48:02 – Alhora maharashtra kailasa temple
1:51:38 – Angkor wat
2:03:38 – Ollantaytambo ruins
2:09:28 – Chichén Itzá
2:17:32 – The Pyramid of the Magicians
2:22:16 – Xunantunich
2:28:00 – Chogha zanbil
2:33:04 – Petra
2:35:50 – Sanchi stupa and Khajuraho
2:39:22 – Vijayanagara
2:45:46 – Borobudur Ruins at Yogyakarta
2:52:08 – Chichen Itza

If you want to learn more about ancient ruins visit the uploaders channel, their youtube can be found Here

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